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Review of the 2020 Hyundai Nexo


Taking environmentally friendly driving to a whole new level, the 2020 Hyundai Nexo brings the stuff of science fiction to life. Hyundai's fuel-cell vehicle, the 2020 Hyundai Nexo bridges the gap between emissions-free electrified vehicles and the affordable & powerful combustion-powered vehicles that we are used to. 
Want to learn more about hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology? How about the future of vehicle electrification? You can explore the latest in electrified vehicles and their cutting-edge technology right here in Hamilton by visiting Mountain Hyundai. During your visit, our team would be delighted to show you all the 2020 Hyundai Nexo's great features before putting you behind the wheel for a fun, eye-opening test drive. Serving the Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Mount Hope, Ancaster & Caledonia areas (and beyond), Mountain Hyundai is your source for Hyundai sales, service, and parts. 
Refueling at a hydrogen station in as little as five minutes, the 2020 Hyundai Nexo makes it easy to travel long distances without wasted downtime while recharging. The Nexo can travel more than 600 kilometres on the highway, meaning that a refueling stop may not even be necessary at all. 
Delivering instant torque of 291 lb-ft, the 2020 Nexo feels incredibly fast; so much so that you may forget you're behind the wheel of an eco-friendly vehicle. Its handling is pleasantly responsive, and like most electrified vehicles, the FWD Nexo offers a quiet drive, reducing noise pollution too. 
Working a little differently than other electrified vehicles, the 2020 Hyundai Nexo utilizes hydrogen fuel cells, requiring no recharging of electricity. Unlike gasoline-powered hybrid alternatives, the Hyundai Nexo's fuel cell converts hydrogen into electricity to power its electric motor. Hydrogen is stored in a set of three tanks – two located below the back seats, and the third behind the rear axle. As hydrogen passes through an assemblage of membranes, it reacts with oxygen, producing water and electricity which power a 95 kW fuel-cell stack and 40 kW lithium-ion battery. The 2020 Hyundai Nexo emits no hydrocarbon emissions, only water, and purified air, helping you to minimize your carbon footprint. In fact, the Nexo filters and purifies the air as it drives.
Making a great first impression, the Nexo shuns the futuristic egg-shaped design that many alternative-fuel vehicles are burdened with. Instead, the Nexo maintains a mainstream appearance. This is partially because the fuel cell technology takes up a similar amount of space as a 4-cylinder engine, which means no major redesign of the engine compartment was required. This means the passenger compartment is roomy and spacious, including its cargo area. This also gives the Nexo an advantage over its rivals which are sedans rather than utility vehicles.  
With the Nexo, Hyundai has become the first automotive manufacturer to make a hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle available for sale to the Canadian public. A pioneer in the segment, Hyundai is leading the pack in this country when it comes to fuel-cell vehicles. 
You'll also discover that the Nexo compact SUV is a vehicle that showcases other new technologies being developed by Hyundai. Some of these include an increase of processing power, as well as several light-detection and ranging (LIDAR) systems, each of which will become necessary once self-driving cars become a reality. 
Fully loaded with cutting-edge technology, the 2020 Hyundai Nexo is jam-packed with gizmos and gadgets that are sure to make life easier and designed to keep you safer. You'll breathe a little easier knowing that lane-following assist, automated cruise control, and a camera-based blind-spot monitor have your back. Designated a Top Safety Pick+ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the Nexo is one of the safest vehicles on the road today.
Canada gets the Ultimate trim of the Hyundai Nexo. Brimming with technology, you'll love its line-up of features. Enjoy 2 LCD monitors upfront, a 12.3-inch colour touchscreen with onboard navigation, USB ports, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto smartphone integration, and much more. 
It is almost as if the 2020 Nexo was designed specifically for Canadians. Proven to start at temperatures as low as -30C without suffering a loss of range, the Nexo was engineered to withstand the challenges of Canadian winters. The 2020 Nexo also proves the automaker's commitment to compromise-free sustainable motoring technology. 
Inside the Nexo's cabin, you'll find room for five to sit comfortably. Similar to the Tucson in layout, you can even increase the cargo area by folding down its rear seats. Also, inside is a unique two-spoke steering wheel, a digital instrument panel, and push-button transmission controls. 
We invite you to meet the incredible, state of the are 2020 Hyundai Nexo at Mountain Hyundai, located on Upper James in Hamilton. Drop by at your convenience and discover the latest in emissions-free driving and cutting-edge technology! During your visit, be sure to ask about the latest offers and financing deals available to save even more. 

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